Artist Long-Bin Chen created this piece for Kidspace in 2005.

This giant face looks like a wooden sculpture at first glance, but what material is it actually made out of?

Update: Thanks everyone for answering! Yes, this piece is made out of phone books. Check out some of Long-Bin Chen’s other mind-blowing book carvings

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  4. gibsonsoup answered: phone books!
  5. blackrozephotography answered: Bamboo
  6. pootamuss answered: i think that’ts made of book. or an old encyclopedia? is that true?
  7. gerydlst answered: scraw?
  8. themountaincalledmonkeyhadspoken answered: phone books?
  9. claytonccollins answered: phone books
  10. corduroydog answered: books
  11. slyfoxhomie14 answered: the stuff that hold cups when you buy drinks at mc. donalds or sometimes the egg cartons
  12. y-sumie answered: yellow pages
  13. luvydoveydovi answered: bamboo .. :))
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  16. emeraldtrashcan answered: Looks like telephone books
  17. todaywassoup answered: Is it yellow page books?
  18. theaftermathofacatastrophe answered: I stumbled upon this one day when i went into some hallway i dont think i was supposed to be in. it was a pretty neat find lol
  19. am-e-thyst answered: it looks great~! but i think its made outta books!
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  21. katykrazy420 answered: Are you real?